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Arcana Synchronicities?

One of the things that you will start to notice when you take up a disciplined magical practice is that synchronicities – odd coincidences – start to become more common. There is some debate over whether this effect is simply the result of your mind being open to more information and thus noticing things that it might not have previously or if this is an external macrocosmic effect brought on by invoking magical forces.

However it works, I’ve had my first report from a reader of a synchronicity associated with reading Arcana. There is a lot of genuine magick in the book, so I suppose it’s possible that reading it could act in the same way as taking up some degree of magical practice. The synchronicity reported was relatively minor – upon finishing chapter 4, which ends with the apocryphal Chinese curse, the reader reported hearing that particular expression four times that same evening. Still, I find the idea that readers of the book might experience these sorts of things fascinating.

Have any other readers noticed a similar effect? Feel free to let me know if you have, either here or on Facebook. You can also send a private message or e-mail if you wish to remain anonymous – I just would like to be able to compile the data if it’s out there.

Site Reorganization

You’ve probably noticed that there are now fewer tabs along the top of the home page. I’m still getting the hang of organizing pages on WordPress, but I think the new arrangement will work better than the previous one and I like how it turned out.

Arcana now has its own tab and all of the pages associated with the novel are grouped under it. The main reason for doing this is that I’m planning on writing more books and I want to be able to expand beyond promoting the novel easily. The plan now is to add a new tab when I publish a new book and then group all the pages for that particular book there.

Under the Arcana tab you will now find the text from the old My Books tab with subpages of Cover Art, Places, and Sample Reading. I plan on including another subpage there for reviews and comments once I have some – so far there’s no feedback on Amazon and as far as I can tell there are no reviews of the book in any other publications.

So yes, I plan on publishing more books and organizing the website like this will help me be prepared for when that finally happens. I have several manuscripts in process at the moment and I’ll be sure to announce any new titles here.

Thoughts On My First Reading

Well, I’m happy to report that my first reading didn’t completely bomb. I was a little nervous going into it seeing as I’d never done one before despite being a writer for many years.

I wound up going second to last in the randomly-selected lineup so unfortunately the crowd had thinned out a bit, but other than that I’m reasonably happy with how things went. I don’t mind performing toward the end of a lineup since people often remember the last act they see better than the first, but it would have been nice if more people had stuck around. From the comments I heard those who did hear my reading for the most part enjoyed it and were glad they had stayed.

The main mistake I made was picking a selection that was a little too long, so I wound up reading faster than I would have liked to fit it into the time allotted. Of course, that’s because I didn’t get around to sitting down and figuring out how long it would take to read the section aloud ahead of time and I’ll be sure be better prepared in the future. I figured it was just a couple of pages and would go pretty quickly, but I had forgotten how long reading even a short piece can take. For my next reading I’ll either be picking a shorter section or doing some abridging so that I can take my time reading rather than feeling like I need to rush through the piece.

Thanks to all of you who managed to make it out to Ginkgo last night and stuck around to hear me read. As always, your support is much appreciated. I’ll be continuing to announce upcoming events here as I schedule them. I also want to especially thank my cover artist Courie Bishop who got me out there to do it in the first place.

My First Public Reading

My first public reading from Arcana will take place this Wednesday night, March 3rd, at Ginkgo Coffee’s Open Mic Night. Performances start at 7 PM.

I can’t guarantee where I’ll fall in the lineup, and I also can’t guarantee whether or not I’ll have additional copies of the book with me. I’ve sold out of my first order of them and my second might or might not reach me by then. Still, it should be a fun time for all – a number of other creative folks that I know will be performing and they’re very good.

I’m looking forward to holding more formal signings and so forth soon, but this opportunity just came along and I’m taking advantage of it. Hope to see you there!