Monthly Archives: March 2011

Planetary Magick Presentation at Paganicon

With my new job I’ve been too busy to do any events over the last couple of months, but my next appearance is approaching fast. I will be giving a presentation on planetary magick at Paganicon, a new Pagan convention that is being held at the DoubleTree Park Place hotel in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

The presentation will be given at 1 PM on Saturday, March 26th in the Courtyard 3 room. You can see the full schedule for the weekend here. I have a lot of good material put together based on my magical working group’s operations involving the traditional Angels, Intelligences, and Spirits of the seven ancient planets, so it should involve more traditional ceremonial magick than one generally sees at Pagan events.

I will also be appearing at 10:30 that same Saturday morning as part of a panel entitled “So You Want To Be A Pagan Author?” with my friend and fellow magick blogger Frater Barrabbas, fellow Pendraig author Veronica Cummer, and a number of other writers. There will likely be an impromptu book signing or two at some point on Saturday as well.

Hope to see you there!

New Website Theme

As you can see I’ve changed the look and feel of this website.

While I liked the Regulus theme that I was using, it was very popular and very recognizable. After running into it on several other sites, particularly anything related to astrology, I decided that I wanted something else. Also, I’ve been wanting to set the site up with three columns rather than two and Regulus just doesn’t do that. The new theme is Coraline, which is still popular but more customizable. It also allows for a three-column display so that I can show more information when readers first arrive at the site.

I slightly prefer Coraline’s sidebar-content-sidebar layout over the content-sidebar-sidebar that I currently have set, but in testing with the former layout I found that the page with my posts seemed to have some sort of problem displaying correctly on Internet Explorer 6 which a lot of people are still using. Look for that change at some point in the future, either once IE6 has been mostly upgraded or when the Coraline folks come up with a fix.