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The Mastering Enochian Magick Series

As I’ve previously stated, Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy is the first book in a series of three covering the methods I’ve developed for working with Enochian magick. There are two reasons that I decided to start with a book on the Heptarchia Mystica. The first is that the Heptarchia is less well-explored than the rest of the Enochian system, and the second is that it was the first portion of the system that John Dee and Edward Kelley received. The rest of the series will follow that same order as well.

Book Two – Mastering the Great Table. Currently submitted and in development, the second book in the series will explore the Great Table or Watchtowers of the Enochian system. The Great Table has probably received the most attention of all the aspects of the Enochian system and generally corresponds to elemental workings just as the Heptarchia corresponds to planetary operations. However, many of the attributions that have been ascribed to the Great Table contradict those of the original system as received by Dee and Kelley. As in the first book, I approach the system from a more grimoire-based perspective than that taken by the Golden Dawn system, but at the same time leave room for certain modern magical forms that I have found to be effective in my practice.

Book Three – Mastering the Thirty Aires. The Thirty Aires or Aethyrs get a lot of attention from Thelemites, as Aleister Crowley famously scried them as recounted in the The Vision and the Voice. The Golden Dawn system works with the Aethyrs, but at the same time does not add the same level of complexity to them as it does with the Great Table. In fact, the Thirty Aires serve two distinct functions in the original Dee system – the parts of the earth that they include are intended for use as reference points for targeting magical operations, and in addition they include a layer of symbolism suitable for practical zodiacal operations. Discussion of this latter aspect will include an overview of the Renaissance astrological methods with which Dee was familiar, as they differ substantially from the methods used in modern astrology. The book will also discuss political magick involving the various parts of the earth and how the Aires relate to the expansion of consciousness along the lines of Crowley’s explorations.