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Mastering the Great Table

great_tableSo it’s finally here. Mastering the Great Table is now available from Pendraig Publishing.

Following the Enochian material that would become the Heptarchia Mystica, John Dee and Edward Kelley received a grid of letters called the Great Table that encodes a complex hierarchy of angels and demons, and a series of conjurations in the Angelic language called the Angelic Keys. These conjurations and the structure of the Great Table have inspired individual magicians and entire magical orders for centuries.

Author Scott Michael Stenwick now does for the Great Table what he did for the Heptarchia Mystica in the first volume of this series, presenting the material in a manner that is true to Dee and Kelley’s original schema along with a ritual template that includes both modern and traditional grimoire techniques. The entities of the Great Table possess a vast collection of powers well-suited to practical magical work, and have been employed in some of the most effective operations of the modern era. Unlock the secrets of the Great Table, and put them to work transforming your life.

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Fall Writing Update

autumn-leavesIt’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update here, and I’ve been busy over the last six months. My new book, Mastering the Great Table, is just about ready to go and should be released soon by Pendraig Publishing. I also have an essay appearing in a new anthology, Walking With the Angel from Nephilim Press. So far I don’t have much information about when that will be released, but I’ll keep you all posted on its progress. The essay is adapted from one of the chapters of my unpublished textbook of ritual magick, Operant Magick, and addresses the Thelemic perspective on contact with the Holy Guardian Angel.

Once Pendraig finishes up Mastering the Great Table they also will be taking a look at my second novel, a loose sequel to Arcana that follows several new central characters and which is written in a somewhat more commercial genre-fiction style than the first book. So I’ve backed off on the long exposition of magical operations and tried to make it sound a little less like the characters are lecturing at each other in order to impart a bunch of technical information. Hopefully my publisher will like it as much as the last one, and I’m also hoping it will sell better. So far I’ve had a lot more commercial success with my non-fiction, even though the fiction market is a lot larger than the worldwide pool of Enochian magicians.

One piece of bad news for this year is that I won’t be doing NaNoWriMo this month. I did an “unofficial” one last year and established that I could in fact write fifty thousand words in a month and was going to do it for real this year, but unfortunately I broke my right elbow in a bicycling accident back in September. It’s healing up, but it’s not at the point where I can type that quickly or for that matter do a lot of work on the computer above and beyond what I’m already doing for work. So I’ll have to see about trying it out next year. I’m confident that I can do it once my right arm is back in working order.

Stay tuned for updates on the new Enochian book, the anthology, and the second novel. I’ll let you all know as soon as they’re available.