Daily Archives: June 5, 2022

Written in Blood

My paranormal vampire mystery novel Written in Blood, co-authored with Sheila Marshall, is now available from Moonfire Publishing. Written in Blood is my first collaboration with another author, and I enjoyed the process of putting the book together. It took longer than I expected to get it out and available to readers, but over the last couple of years things have been pretty slow in the publishing industry. At one point we were discussing turning the book into a series (The Northern Vampire Saga, which I still think is a cool title for a series), but for now it is available as a stand-alone novel. 

Here’s the synopsis:

David Killian is an ancient vampire with the power to write the fate of the Northland in his own blood. When he writes the ideal lover and companion into life, he summons artist Kristie Slay from Chicago to the little town of Castle Danger on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Kristie is drawn by the town’s mystery, and the surprise of a new love springing from her past. But she carries with her a hidden secret that may lead to both their undoing.

Interestingly enough, if you drive up the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota, you will in fact pass right through the town of Castle Danger. It’s very small, practically an intersection with a couple of stores, but the name is practically begging for some sort of paranormal mystery to be set there. So that’s where we decided to set much of the action of the book. Some of it also takes place in the two of Two Harbors, which is about ten miles down the highway from Castle Danger. Castle Danger is an unincorporated township, so police, fire, and other government functions are handled by the larger town of Two Harbors, the county seat of Lake County. The little town shares its name with the Castle Danger Brewery, which is actually located in Two Harbors.

So if you like vampires, like paranormal mysteries, and would like to explore the unusual setting of Minnesota’s North Shore, pick up your copy today! Click here for ordering information.