Monthly Archives: April 2023

The Thelema Now! Podcast Interview

Last week I sat down for an interview with Harper Feist for the Thelema NOW! podcast. We covered some of the material in Mastering the Thirty Aires and my general approach to magick as a practical science involving the activity of consciousness and quantum information. The interview is available here.


Published in Scavenged Rituals Volume One

My article “The Field Ritual” has been published in Volume One of the new occult zine Scavenged Rituals. The article is an expanded and updated version of this one that I published on Augoeides back in 2016. The Field Ritual is a general or foundational ritual that combines elements from the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram and Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram according to the “field model” that I teach my magical students.

The zine also includes a number of other excellent innovative articles covering aspects of ritual practice from various other contributors, with a fresh look and high production value. I already am looking forward to Volume Two!

Scavenged Rituals does not appear to be available from any of the big online platforms at the time of this post. You can order a copy here.