Cthulhu Unbound

For whatever reason, I’ve always found short stories especially challenging. My ideas tend to be too big and too extensive to fit easily into short treatments, and even my smaller ones tend to be open to serialization.

Cthulhu Unbound is one of the my few complete short stories. It tells the story of a bullied high school boy who comes across the infamous Necronomicon in an antiquarian bookstore, and uses it to summon H. P. Lovecraft’s dreaded Elder God Cthulhu and destroy his enemies. But when he performs the summoning ritual, what he gets is not quite what he expects. The story is based on a joke I came up with many years ago, and reads just like a real Lovecraft story until the satirical twist at the end.

This story is my first self-published ebook, and one of the reasons I put it together in the first place was to help me learn Smashwords and Kindle Direct. I briefly considered doing a paperback version on CreateSpace, but the story is really too short to justify the work. I have a couple of sequel ideas for this story, and maybe once I have a series I’ll put together a paperback collection or something like that.

If you’re a fan of Lovecraftian fiction and are looking for a good laugh, you’ll love Cthulhu Unbound.

The Cthulhu Unbound ebook is available in the following versions:

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