The Guild Series

guild_seriesThe Guild Series is the story of a modern-day magical order that simply calls itself The Guild.

The magick practiced by this group dates back to the original Rosicrucian age during the European Renaissance and is based on Liber Iadnamad, a fictional lost Enochian grimoire compiled by Dr. John Dee of England following his work with seer Edward Kelley in the late sixteenth century.

The first novel in the series, Arcana, was published at the very end of 2009 by Pendraig Publishing. It introduces The Guild and its basic structure, explains how its magical system works, and tells the tale of the order’s battle with a powerful demon. So far this is the only novel in the series that is currently available, but a second is finally on the way.

In 2011 I wrote the first draft of a second novel in the series, titled Ipswich, which I am currently working on getting ready for publication after spending a number of years writing my Mastering Enochian Magick series and a couple of anthology contributions. Ipswich introduces a new main protagonist and some of the alternate history of the Guild universe, along with a send-up of “tourist magick” such as that found in towns like Salem and New Orleans. Ipswich was recently accepted by Moonfire Publishing and is currently scheduled for a Spring 2017 release.