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Fall Writing Update

autumn-leavesIt’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update here, and I’ve been busy over the last six months. My new book, Mastering the Great Table, is just about ready to go and should be released soon by Pendraig Publishing. I also have an essay appearing in a new anthology, Walking With the Angel from Nephilim Press. So far I don’t have much information about when that will be released, but I’ll keep you all posted on its progress. The essay is adapted from one of the chapters of my unpublished textbook of ritual magick, Operant Magick, and addresses the Thelemic perspective on contact with the Holy Guardian Angel.

Once Pendraig finishes up Mastering the Great Table they also will be taking a look at my second novel, a loose sequel to Arcana that follows several new central characters and which is written in a somewhat more commercial genre-fiction style than the first book. So I’ve backed off on the long exposition of magical operations and tried to make it sound a little less like the characters are lecturing at each other in order to impart a bunch of technical information. Hopefully my publisher will like it as much as the last one, and I’m also hoping it will sell better. So far I’ve had a lot more commercial success with my non-fiction, even though the fiction market is a lot larger than the worldwide pool of Enochian magicians.

One piece of bad news for this year is that I won’t be doing NaNoWriMo this month. I did an “unofficial” one last year and established that I could in fact write fifty thousand words in a month and was going to do it for real this year, but unfortunately I broke my right elbow in a bicycling accident back in September. It’s healing up, but it’s not at the point where I can type that quickly or for that matter do a lot of work on the computer above and beyond what I’m already doing for work. So I’ll have to see about trying it out next year. I’m confident that I can do it once my right arm is back in working order.

Stay tuned for updates on the new Enochian book, the anthology, and the second novel. I’ll let you all know as soon as they’re available.

Spring Writing Update

Spring-Blossom-SunshineWell, at least it’s officially spring in a couple of days. Looking out the window here in the Twin Cities it still looks like winter, with snow falling and the temperature in the 20’s. We got spoiled by last year’s early spring, though hopefully that more normal spring weather means that we won’t see a crippling midsummer heat wave this year.

The contract for book two of the Enochian series, Mastering the Great Table is signed and off to my publisher and I anticipate starting in on the editing process soon. This book will cover the angels of the four Watchtowers, and unlike Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy explores an area of the Enochian system that has been extensively worked with by many different magical orders and systems. It includes some of the most recognizable components of the Enochian magical system such as the Angelic Keys and Enochian Tablets. Like my previous book, though, it will examine these more familiar components from a perspective more in line with Renaissance grimoire magick than the synthetic approaches taken by magical orders such as the Golden Dawn. So far I’ve heard nothing back on my manuscript for Ipswich, a loose sequel to Arcana. As my novel is not selling nearly as well as Heptarchy, though, I can see where it makes sense that my publisher is giving priority to the next book in the Enochian series. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I hear anything about it.

A few months ago I submitted an article on EMF and evocation to a proposed anthology from Immanion Press. Unfortunately, that anthology was cancelled due to lack of submissions. I got some better news over the weekend, that the article I submitted for a forthcoming anthology on the Holy Guardian Angel from Nephilim Press has been accepted. This anthology is still being assembled and I don’t yet have a publication date or any other information, but again I will keep you posted on it and promote it here and on Augoeides as soon as it becomes available.

To wrap up, here’s an article from Salon explaining why we writers really do need to keep our day jobs. The author’s book made the Amazon bestseller list for a couple of weeks and made him a total of $12,000. That’s not precisely nothing – for an occult title I would be ecstatic to make that much – but it’s nowhere near enough to live on. People sometimes assume that a bestselling book makes an author millions of dollars, but this is most emphatically not the case. On top of that, most of us don’t wind up writing bestsellers. The author comments that up until his bestselling novel his highest royalty payment was $153. That puts me in pretty good company – my highest so far wasn’t quite that much, but it was close. The point is, those of us who write do so because we like to write, not because it’s going to make us rich. This is especially true of esoteric titles, for which the market is much more limited.

Author Site Updates

website_updateAlong with my recent stepped-up promotional efforts, I’ve made a few changes to this web site.

First off, I removed the blogroll page as it was getting out of date and according to my stats nobody was viewing it anyway. I maintain a list of blogs as feed content that runs down the right sidebar of my magick blog Augoeides, and it makes more sense to me to keep that information in one place rather than trying to update multiple lists and keep them synchronized – especially when the one at this site was essentially being ignored.

Secondly, I’ve rearranged some of the main page elements and added an “Urban Fantasy News” feed. This seems to be working reasonably well, much better than back when I was trying to maintain a “Magick” news feed. Incidentally, since nobody pays any attention to how they spell the word “magick” returns all sorts of junk from Google News, often albums where the musicians are changing the spelling because they think it looks clever. But there’s a purpose to the trailing K, or at least there should be. In the time of keyword searching, I can’t imagine a better time to alter the spelling of the word in order to differentiate “the science of the Magi from its counterfeits.”

Finally, I’ve added new Facebook page links for The Guild Series and the Mastering Enochian Magick Series, as my publisher is currently working on putting together sequels to my two published books. There’s no word yet on when they will be available, but I’ll be sure to keep you all posted as soon as I know. I’ve also added links for Arcana and Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy on Google+, for those who would rather use that platform. If you’re a fan of my fiction, non-fiction, or both, I invite you to “like” the relevant Facebook and/or Google+ pages for the series that you are interested in reading so that I can target my updates more effectively. The page for The Guild Series can be found here and the one for the Mastering Enochian Magick Series can be found here. The Google+ page for Arcana can be found here and the one for Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy can be found here.

Fall Writing Update

Hand with fountain penThis summer has been a busy one in terms of my home and professional life. I started a new job in April which is going well, and much of the last several months has been taken up by the hot tub saga that you can read about here.

Despite all that I managed to get some writing done, and have two new manuscripts put together and submitted to my publisher. The first is a novel tentatively titled Ipswich, a sequel to Arcana with some new characters and more background information about the Guild and the world in which they live. I mentioned awhile back that the sequel to Arcana was going to be called Demiurge, but this is not that book. It’s an idea that I started on and just kept running with, and it wound up consuming a lot of my attention. So you could say that it’s sort of a sequel that I didn’t set out to write, but so far everyone who’s seen it has liked it. I’m still working on Demiurge, which will wind up as book three in the series instead of book two. The second, Mastering the Great Table, is the next book in my non-fiction Enochian magick series. I haven’t heard back from Pendraig on either of them yet, but you’ll be the first to know here once they’re accepted.

I also have submitted an article for possible inclusion in Immanion’s new Magick on the Edge 2.0 anthology, and should hear back on whether or not they’re interested in it within the next couple of months. The article is a more formal treatment of a series of experiments involving EMF detection in the context of magical evocation rituals, which produced some interesting results even though the sample size is small. If it winds up being accepted I’ll announce it here and promote the anthology once it’s released.

So all in all, it’s been a productive season for me and I hope things have gone well for everyone following my posts. According to the front page I have 1149 people following this blog via e-mail even though I rarely post. Is that seriously true, or some sort of mistake? If it’s for real, let me encourage all of you to pick up copies of my books if you haven’t already. If you’re an urban fantasy fan, you can order a copy of Arcana in print, kindle, and ebook editions, and if you’re a magical practitioner you can order Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy in print and ebook editions as well.