VIII. Adjustment, or Justice

This card in the Tarot was renamed by Aleister Crowley. Its original title was Justice, and in my opinion the title was changed to “Adjustment” to reflect the realization that absolute standard of justice can ever be determined. The rule of law varies in different countries and while there are some basic rules that are necessary to keep a society functioning for its members there are always going to be extreme cases where these rules affect people in ways that they and sometimes many others perceive to be unjust. Religious dogma runs into similar problems.

The Adjustment chapter consists of the meeting of the Guild’s Supreme Council and as it takes place at Aleric Sprengel’s Summit Avenue Mansion it introduces no new locations to the story. It does introduce the Magisters of the various countries in which the Guild operates, mostly the English-speaking world and some of Western Europe. These are the areas in which the Guild has members because the Enochian tradition on which much of its magick is based is English and because France, Germany, and Italy saw activity by supporters of the Rosicrucian movement during the Renaissance.

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