XV. The Devil

Gray Cloud Island, Newport/Cottage Grove: Newport and Cottage Grove are southeastern suburbs of Saint Paul. Gray Cloud Island is a largely rural island in the Mississippi River that is shared between them. The island is a sacred site to Native Americans and it has a rather peculiar reputation for hauntings and other strange occurrances.

Gray Cloud Island

The action in the first portion of the chapter takes place in one of the wooded areas near the shore. Balzador again attempts to cast his binding spell and this time Elspeth and Jim are unable to stop him.

The second portion of the chapter takes place at Jonas Votan’s Merriam Park home, introduced in the Hierophant chapter, as Elspeth and Jim meet with Jonas to report the success of the Demon’s spell. Michael and Samantha arrive shortly after and all of them discuss how to stop Balzador now that magick is bound.

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