Trump Card: A Terrific Novel

Trump Card is the Donald Trump dystopia that you didn’t know you needed to read. It grabs the zeitgeist by its tiny fingers and refuses to let go.”

— Fake News

“Terrible novel, no-talent Scott Stenwick is a hack, his writing is going down the drain. So sad!”

— John Barron via Twitter

The year is 2017. Donald Trump is president. The Resistance is led by Teen Vogue, the National Parks Department, and the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. Sophia Sanders is an ordinary New York high school girl with an unusual birthday. When a mysterious pendant transforms her into a “winner,” she becomes a contestant on the reality television series Junior Apprentice in order to oppose the Trump agenda.

While the nation looks on, Sophia and her team compete to win the coveted Junior Apprentice title. As her criticism of the Trump administration gains traction and her reputation grows, a brutal and mysterious brotherhood and its enigmatic leader stand against her, hell-bent on destroying her chances of bringing the Resistance to life. Sometimes, the only thing a girl can depend on is magick – and a little luck.

Watch the Trump Card book trailer here.

If you’re a fan of young adult dystopias, paranormal fiction, or political humor, or if you just find Donald Trump amusing in a horrifying sort of way, you’ll love Trump Card. Believe me, it’s a great, great classy book that will be a fantastic addition to your bookshelf.

Trump Card is available in paperback and ebook editions from multiple outlets.

Trump Card – You know it’s a terrific novel because it says so right on the cover, I guarantee it. Pick up your copy to join the Resistance today!