A Mission For My Fans

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I want to start off by thanking everyone for joining my fan page on Facebook. It means a lot to me to know that there are people out there who appreciate my writing and are interested in supporting it.

In the last week or so I’ve noticed that sales of the book have been dropping off, at least on Amazon and Barnes and Noble where the sales ranks are listed. I’m heartened by my #32 showing on the Tower Books top 100 horror titles list, but I really have no idea how many sales that actually constitutes. So here’s a mission for all of you fans that will help keep my sales up and future books coming, should you choose to accept it.

(1) If you haven’t done so already, buy a copy of Arcana. There are a lot of places you can order it online, so if, for example, you would rather buy a copy from an independent source than from a big chain you should be able to find a source out there than will fit your criteria. Also, if you live in the Twin Cities and want to avoid the shipping charges I know for a fact you can find it at Magus Books and Eye of Horus. You might still be able to find a copy at Uncle Hugo’s as well – they only had a couple of copies when I last checked but it does still show up when I search their website.

(2) If you liked Arcana, go out to Amazon and/or any other site that allows you to post reader feedback and write a review of it. The book currently has no reviews on Amazon or anywhere else and I would feel kind of silly writing one myself. I mean, of course I like the book – I wrote it! If none are forthcoming soon I may have to write something silly like “it’s the best book I’ve ever written!” just so that there’s something resembling a review associated with it, but a couple of real reviews from readers would look a lot better.

(3) If you have friends who like occult fiction and you liked Arcana, recommend it to them. If they’re on Facebook invite them to join the fan page. I will be sending out one more round of invites soon to my extended friends list, but after that the page will have to grow organically by word-of-mouth or whatever you call it when it happens online. I have no interest in becoming one of those annoying people who is constantly sending and re-sending fan requests to everyone on their friends list.

For those of you who accept this mission you have my thanks and deepest appreciation. You are helping to support local writing here in the Twin Cities and helping to support fiction titles from outside the mass-market mainstream.

And no worries, this message won’t be self-destructing any time soon.

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