Arcana Synchronicities?

One of the things that you will start to notice when you take up a disciplined magical practice is that synchronicities – odd coincidences – start to become more common. There is some debate over whether this effect is simply the result of your mind being open to more information and thus noticing things that it might not have previously or if this is an external macrocosmic effect brought on by invoking magical forces.

However it works, I’ve had my first report from a reader of a synchronicity associated with reading Arcana. There is a lot of genuine magick in the book, so I suppose it’s possible that reading it could act in the same way as taking up some degree of magical practice. The synchronicity reported was relatively minor – upon finishing chapter 4, which ends with the apocryphal Chinese curse, the reader reported hearing that particular expression four times that same evening. Still, I find the idea that readers of the book might experience these sorts of things fascinating.

Have any other readers noticed a similar effect? Feel free to let me know if you have, either here or on Facebook. You can also send a private message or e-mail if you wish to remain anonymous – I just would like to be able to compile the data if it’s out there.

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