CONvergence is Imminent

Connie Mark 2It’s Fourth of July weekend, so as usual I will be at CONvergence, one of the largest science fiction and fantasy conventions in the Midwest.

Last year about three thousand people showed up and the convention gets bigger every year. This is a great opportunity to reach a ton of folks, both local and from out of town, who I expect should enjoy Arcana. Since I have a book to promote this time around there will be many posters and flyers which I’ve been printing up as fast as I can. I put some flyers out at Minicon, a much smaller convention, over Easter weekend and saw a definite uptick in sales about a week later. I’m hoping that I’ll get a bigger boost in July since CONvergence has so many more attendees.

I will also have a small number of copies with me at the convention, so if you would like to buy a signed copy make sure you find me before they are all gone. I generally wander around the place checking out parties so I can’t say for sure where I’ll be at any given time, but I usually pass through Consuite on a regular basis and if you wait there long enough in the evening you’ll probably see me. I’m planning on being out there Thursday and Friday nights for sure, though I might have a conflict for Saturday evening.

If you live in the Twin Cities or will be in town this weekend and have never been to CONvergence I highly recommend checking it out. The parties are great and the people are always interesting.

If you found your way here from one of my flyers and are wondering who the “select local booksellers” mentioned are, I know for a fact that the following stores in the Twin Cities have copies of Arcana.

Magus Books
Eye of Horus
Sacred Paths Center

I also placed a couple of copies at Uncle Hugo’s, and if they haven’t sold yet you might be able to pick one up there. Barnes and Noble lists Arcana on their website, but I don’t know if any of their stores have copies in stock.

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