Recent Site Updates

While I haven’t added any new posts here in the last month I’ve still been busy working on the site and promoting Arcana.

I’ve completed the first draft of the Places of Arcana and now have descriptions and pictures for all of the various locations that show up in each chapter, along with some brief plot notes and tidbits here and there about various cards of the Tarot. Looking it over I think that at some point in the future I will be expanding the entries that I have, but for now I plan on leaving them as they are for awhile.

I’ve also added a few other links to the Social Networking box and set up profiles on a couple of other sites, Goodreads and In addition, I now have a link to the profile for Arcana on Witchvox Books, where my novel is currently up to #8 on their list of most-viewed books.

Over the last two weeks I also put together trial ads for Google and Facebook and ran them for a couple days each. I was able to add 9 more fans to my Facebook page and got about 50 hits on the Arcana page here. I also seemed to have sold at least a few copies on Amazon while those ads were running, so I think I’ve established that they do work to generate traffic. However, I will need to work out how many sales I made to figure out how cost-effective this sort of online marketing really is.

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