Unofficial NaNoWriMo – Fifty Thousand!

So I did it. I’ve now completed fifty thousand words of my new science fiction novel The Pathless Void with two days to spare. I was going at a solid clip of two thousand a day up until the holidays, but wound up missing three days over the long weekend due to family commitments so I’ll probably be looking at 52 to 54 thousand written by Friday.

The novel is not finished yet. That will take longer. My guess is that the final draft manuscript will come out at 80-90 thousand words, meaning that I won’t be reaching the end until sometime in December. I hope that I can keep it up, though, since I’m really enjoying writing it and I think my fans will enjoy reading it as well.

I don’t know when the book will finally be available, but I’ll keep you all posted. I’m going to see if I can get it published as a piece of mainstream genre fiction, and if that fails I’ll make it available as an e-book, probably via SmashWords along with my other titles.

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