More Sorcery!

“Two of the other robed figures unfurled a large piece of fabric. It looked like a banner bearing the usual Pepe the Frog image and a bunch of nonsensical painted symbols. As they ran towards me, I saw that the banner was in fact a large blanket. My mind flashed on where I was standing. I was near the edge of the subway platform.

“Ordinarily, I would have worried about falling off. Or, for that matter, being pushed. But I had the pendant. So, I was more worried about answering questions for the police after the attack went wrong. Several of the Sons held weapons. I could see two baseball bats and a piece of pipe. It appeared their plan was to wrap me in the ‘containment structure’ and strike. I say ‘appeared’ because it failed miserably.

“As the two men with the blanket reached me, I felt a surge of power from the pendant and an urge to drop to the ground. The blanket missed me entirely. The momentum carried my attackers past me and right off the edge of the platform. I glanced down and saw them staggering to their feet, still stunned by the fall. The ‘containment structure’ lay across the third rail and was starting to catch fire.”

Coming Soon. Watch this space for details…

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