Presenting at Paganicon 2022

It’s been a long time coming, but in-person events are finally starting up again. Back in 2020 I was scheduled to present on Enochian Evocation at Paganicon, a large convention of pagans and occultists held here in the Twin Cities. But then the pandemic hit, they moved the convention to the following fall, then moved it to the following spring, and finally took the whole thing virtual for 2021. I submitted an introductory video presentation on Enochian magick to the virtual convention, but of course it was not the same.

Paganicon 2022 is now scheduled for the weekend of March 18-20 and I will finally be giving my in-person Enochian Evocation presentation that was originally slated for two years ago. You’ll have to get up early because I’m scheduled to present at 9 AM on Saturday, but the early bird gets the magick, right? It’s something like that at any rate. This presentation will include a talk on Enochian magick in general and include a ritual calling on the four Watchtower kings according to the methodology outlined in Mastering the Great Table.

Hope to see you there!

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