Holy Guardian Angel Anthology – First Look

angel_contentsThe long awaited Walking With The Angel anthology from Nephilim Press, now re-titled Holy Guardian Angel, is on its way. Unfortunately, due to a problem with the bookbinder, there will be an additional delay of hopefully less than a month. M.C., the editor of the anthology, explains:

Last Wednesday, 500 copies of the book were delivered to Nephilim Press HQ. The book looks as unique and beautiful as the Angel of which it speaks. However, upon unboxing these volumes, Frank at Nephilim discovered an abnormality. Much to our dismay, the bindery had in some way erred, and, as beautiful as the books are, the covers on each and every copy were warped to such and extent that, laid flat, the cover has an upward bend of about 3/4 of an inch.

Still, his post includes some images of pages such as the Table of Contents above and the cover, which look wonderful. This is going be a beautiful piece of work, and I look forward to seeing its final form. Just as with contacting the actual Holy Guardian Angel, it should prove to be very well worth the wait.

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