Praxis Behind The Obscure Interview

Yesterday I sat down for an interview with the Praxis Behind The Obscure podcast and covered a bunch of stuff related to my Enochian work and magick in general. It was a good talk – give it a listen.

Since I mention it on the podcast, I’m in the process of working with my publisher to get the final technical issues resolved with Mastering the Thirty Aires, which means it should be out soon now. I know I’ve said that before and I apologize for the delays, but the book is worth the wait.


One response to “Praxis Behind The Obscure Interview

  1. Heard you speak on Praxis and just wanted to drop by your site and check things out! Really cool stuff, I’ve been working with Enochian for a while now and your writings on it were refreshing and connected some dots for me. Thank you!


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